If you choose Elena Pensini Events and Concierge, I’ll personally manage all the stages of the planning process.
We’ll liaise for months, we’ll have long video calls, we’ll do inspections together, we’ll attend delicious food tastings, colorful flowers trials, meetings with vendors and, of course, I’ll be with you on The Day.
The journey we will make together will be funny, flawless and based on following values.

trust is must

Being my clients based very far away, Trust is a fundamental though intangible dimension in the relationship between us. I usually invite my prospects to meet me in person or to fix a video call as soon as possible to check the chemistry between us. Trust is a must as it allows me to persistently do my best. No trust? No Party!

style is equilibrium

My vision of style takes inspiration from the neoclassical concept of “perfect beauty” as a result of equilibrium. The aim is to find the match between this vision and each client’s wishes, priorities and style. Equilibrium results from the combination of your taste, the beauty and elegance of Lake Como and my touch!

calm and smile

Planning, coordinating and managing can be extremely distressing. A positive attitude and empathy are the invaluable assets which allow me to reassure even the most apprehensive client.


Even if I personally manage the liaison with my clients, I’ve a precious team around me. Talented, gentle and multilingual members, perfectly fine-tuned on quality levels and with a clear target in mind: your satisfaction.


Job without passion is something extremely frustrating. Trying to create any time something new, something original, allows us to keep high the level of passion.


Since the very beginning of my experience as an event planner, I have strongly believed in the need to be more focused on quality than quantity.
My target has never been to became an “event factory”, rather to be considered as an “events boutique” where clients enter to buy something unique and never seen before.
Furthermore, being Italian, I’m able to sign my creations with a 100% made-in- Italy touch!
Step by step, I’ll lead you towards your “one-of-a-lifetime” day and I’ll do my best to escort you in a funny, exciting and tailor-made-in-Italy journey.

availability & privacy

24/7 availability is the key to customer satisfaction. This said, please, don’t forget my time-zone!
The protection of your private sphere is of utmost importance to me and I’ll safeguard your confidentiality.